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  • Mold Remediation Denver: We Rebuild What Was Destroyed

    Professional Restoration has treated homes and businesses for mold remediation in Denver for the last 24 years. Damage to your building or home that’s caused from fire, water, mold, vandalism, hail, or storm damage, can be devastating on both the physical space and the emotional state of an owner. Our certified project managers will communicate with you on a remediation plan that restores your sanity and your property to what it was before the damage. We operate on a three-step process to attack damage and make sure it gets repaired quickly.

  • We Respond Fast

    Our team is available to you any time you have an emergency. Once you’ve made contact, expect a fast response to the damaged site where our team will secure the area, inspect the damage, and provide a thorough scope of repairs that need to be done. Discovering destruction is shocking and difficult to process, but our certified and experienced team have dealt with numerous situations and are there to put you at ease. If you have mold build up, our team works fast to get the area safe for everyone that is on the property.

  • We Recover as Much as Possible

    Denver has a much drier climate than most, so some people assume that water damage in Denver and mold issues are not a real problem. But in the winter, broken pipes are not uncommon as water expands when it freezes, which overexerts water pipes and they explode. Water damage can be traumatic, but our team works quickly to do immediate repairs and recover your contents and belongings damaged, and then determine the next steps to property repairs. This includes other traumatic situations like fire and vandalism. Mold is a different matter though, in some cases a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) may be called to do testing, and set a protocol to remove the specific mold that has become a serious health and property issue. After services have been completed the CIH will provide a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) report to ensure that all the mold was remediated professionally. The tests provided by the CIH are not always covered by insurance, but do provide 100% peace of mind when dealing with mold removal in your home or building.

  • We Restore What Was Damaged

    Professional Restoration is a full service restoration contractor. We provide certified technicians and a dedicated project manager to your loss, and follow all industry standards. After mitigation services are complete, our structure team begins the reconstruction process to install new flooring, baseboards, and materials damaged. As a Licensed General Contractor, we can provide every qualified piece of the puzzle to get your life back on track. We use plant based products to clean and deodorize that are non-toxic, keeping areas safe during the restoration process. Whether we’re there to extract water, dry the structure or restore floors, walls, and ceilings, you can trust that we provide quality workmanship, trained staff, and a commitment to helping you restore your peace of mind, and property that was damaged.

  • Professional Restoration has received an A+ rating with the BBB and high customer satisfaction ratings, which is why home and business owners turn to us when disaster strikes. In a state of many “experts” in restoration, make sure you are dealing with a Certified Restorer. L.D Randy Benedict, CR #316 is available for you to ask questions about your loss. Call us for a free estimate or to get there quick. Make sure you do it right, the first time around.
  • Don’t let damage ruin your home or business; call us at 720-457-1831 for an emergency response 24/7 or during business hours to schedule a free estimate.

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