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Did you know that if you have a crawlspace or unfinished basement in the Denver area, you can avoid mold and moisture damage with a crawlspace vapor-barrier?

If your home has a crawlspace, it is important to know how to protect this area. Usually crawlspaces are just a dirt floor that may or may not have proper ventilation. Your crawlspace could also have debris lingering that could become a food source for mold.

You can protect the integrity of your home and your health and control the moisture levels in your crawlspace by installing a vapor barrier in your crawlspace.

Buying or selling your home?  Home Inspection Notice Repairs may request a vapor barrier be installed. Call Professional Restoration at 720-457-1831 for more information or schedule a free consultation and estimate to install a crawlspace vapor barrier.

Why should you consider a vapor barrier in your crawlspace?

In an unprotected crawlspace, ground water can create high humidity levels, and if there is no air movement, it is possible for mold to grow. Installing a crawlspace vapor barrier controls the moisture level inside the crawlspace from ground water, and protects the wood framing from moisture.

If a pipe does break in the crawlspace, the water extraction and clean up process is much easier with a vapor barrier installed, and it can reduce the cost towards emergency restoration services.

Many airborne pathogens can originate from a crawlspace under or around your home. Make your home crawlspace safe and resistant to outside elements with a tough liner system.

At Professional Restoration we install vapor barriers using 10 Mil plastic sheeting. We overlap the seams 8” before gluing and taping the plastic sheeting together to create a tight seal that goes throughout the entire space and up the existing foundation walls before it is ramset, and secured along the sides of the crawlspace.

See more information on the benefits of Vapor Barriers

Professional Restoration has the equipment and experience to finish any rough crawlspace in an easy and cost effective way. We customize every crawlspace vapor barrier installation to the dimensions of the crawlspace, providing you with a worry-free solution that will keep your crawlspace clean, dry and sanitary. Vapor barriers create a moisture controlled space to keep your wood framing protected.

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It's not often that I get to work with such professionals! These guys and this company are top notch! They were there to pick up the pieces and put them back together, both in the basement and in our lives.

Jimmy LaPrelle

Professional Restoration has handled all of the vapor barriers, mitigation and mold remediation for my clients, and they have always done an outstanding job. I have very high standards for the work done in my company, and they meet and surpass these standards every time.

Bryson Clark

These guys are awesome! If you need help - don't hesitate - get them on their way to your home! we are so grateful for their help! Everyone at Pro Restoration was courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you for being here when we needed you! We hope we never have another disaster, but if we do, you're the only one we will call.

Chad Frizzell

I had a toilet upstairs overflow and ran all night. Damaged carpet upstairs and ceiling/wood floor downstairs. Professional Restoration came out promptly on a Sunday and got to work. The staff was professional, reliable and on time for every appt. I would highly recommend Professional Restoration!

Jim Mueller

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