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Top Five Causes of Home Fires and How to Avoid Them

Home is where we relax, unwind, and connect with family and friends. Tragically, it’s also where nearly a third of all fires begin. To keep your home and loved ones safe, educate yourself on the leading causes of fire and how to prevent them. Cooking Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires, and they’re responsible for[…] Read the full article »

How Much Does Water Damage Repair Cost?

At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping Denver businesses and Front Range families repair water damage for nearly three decades. During that time, we’ve learned a lot about water damage, how much it costs, and how long it takes to fix. Here’s a summary of water damage repair costs; plus, when it’s okay to fix it[…] Read the full article »

How Different Types of Mold Affect Your Health

At Professional Restoration, we take property damage very seriously. Floods and fires are dangerous inherently, but what they leave behind can be equally dangerous. Mold is a naturally occurring substance, but various mold species are common after water damage, and many types of mold can be dangerous to people or pets. Here’s a quick rundown[…] Read the full article »

How To Avoid, Fix Frozen Pipes This Winter

At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping Front Range families and Denver businesses recover from frozen pipes and water damage for nearly three decades. A frozen pipe that ruptures and floods your basement is a big and costly mess to clean. But don’t despair. We have some tips to help you manage the process, reduce cleanup[…] Read the full article »

What To Do After A Basement, Crawlspace Flood

If you live in a flood zone, or experience annual heavy rain, you may have concerns about water flooding your basement or crawlspace. This can be particularly daunting, if you’re not sure you have the right insurance coverage. Regardless, you shouldn’t wait idly by if water is pouring into your home. So, what can you[…] Read the full article »

How to Avoid Costly Premises Liability Lawsuits

If you’re a business owner, and especially if you’re a small business owner, one injury lawsuit can sink your whole business. According to Colorado statute, any landowner found negligent in the injury of another could be held liable for damages. And depending on the injury, damages can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical[…] Read the full article »

How To Find, Test For Mold

As providers of mold testing in Denver, our clients commonly ask us: How can I tell if I have mold hiding behind walls or under floorboards? This is often of particular concern for those who’ve experienced a flood in the past or have moved into a new home. A former owner, for example, may think[…] Read the full article »

Colorado’s Most Notorious Natural Disasters

In 2017, Colorado was one of the top inbound states for new residence; we welcomed nearly 80,000 people, bringing Colorado’s total population to about 5.6 million. But it’s not all sunshine and snow-capped mountains out here. In fact, Colorado has endured several natural disasters including floods, hail storms, fires, and tornados. Natural disasters don’t attract[…] Read the full article »

Commercial Property Disaster Insurance Explained

Are you a business owner? Here’s a scary statistic: 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your business? Does insurance cover things like flooding? What about tornadoes? Colorado has endured its fair share of disasters—snow isn’t the only thing we have[…] Read the full article »

Common Questions About Property Damage Insurance Claims

Below, the experts at Professional Restoration answer common questions about property damage insurance claims. Or, get answers directly! Call our Denver office at 303-922-4001 or contact us online.    What’s the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost coverage? Actual cash value (ACV) is the cost to repair or replace an insured item of[…] Read the full article »

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