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Fire Damage Cleanup Project? Read These Safety Tips

Fire Damage Cleanup Can Hurt In more ways than one, fire damage cleanup can hurt. It can hurt your bank account, your peace and your livelihood. And fire damage cleanup work can hurt you, personally. Here are some safety tips we’ve picked up over the years helping our Denver and Front Range community recover from[…] Read the full article »

Frozen Water Pipe? Flooded Basement? Do This First

A Frozen Water Pipe and Flooded Basement Hassle From the very start, we’ll shoot you straight: A frozen water pipe that ruptures and floods your basement is a big, costly mess to clean up. But don’t despair. We have some tips to help you manage the process and reduce cleanup costs (and some safety warnings).[…] Read the full article »

Avoid Frozen Pipes Water Damage With These Tips

Frozen Pipes Water Damage Is Often Preventable At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping Front Range families and businesses recover from frozen pipes water damage for years. All those jobs have taught us a lot, and we hope to share some of this knowledge in hope of helping our neighbors avoid costly and stressful water damage.[…] Read the full article »

Flooded Basement Nightmares You Can Easily Prevent

  Chances Are That Flooded Basement Could Have Been Prevented The best way to clean up a flooded basement is to prevent a flooded basement. Water damage restoration is often a costly headache. Fortunately, taking some simple precautions can go a long way toward safeguarding your home or business from a flooded basement. Follow these[…] Read the full article »

3 Best Water Damage Cleanup Practices

Best Water Damage Cleanup Tip #1 Start with safety. If you find water standing in your home or business; take a deep breath then take stock, make a plan, consider the situation and your resources. At a minimum, review this list of best water damage cleanup practices: SHUT OFF the Water Main, Electricity and Gas services in affected areas. If[…] Read the full article »

In Denver Water Damage Restoration Costs Climbing

Denver water damage restoration costs have steadily risen in recent years, corresponding to economic growth and other price pressures as property values have risen. That means that it’s more important than ever to take all reasonable precautions in protecting your home or business from costly, catastrophic water damage. Denver Water Damage Restoration Costs Rise With[…] Read the full article »

What You Should Know About Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage cleanup means a big project when you have any degree of incursion into your home or business. Here’s a rundown of safety and other considerations that our experienced flood damage restoration experts take into account in most flood recovery situations. Flood Damage Cleanup Means Toxic and Biological Waste We’re not kidding. Water that[…] Read the full article »

Mold Removal

Mold Removal: Where to Start  Start with Safety! We live around mold every day. What type of mold should you be worried about? Any kind you can see, because if you see it you can breathe it, right? Your first step is to start with safety!  Before you undertake that mold cleanup project in your home, make sure[…] Read the full article »

Fire Damage Prevention Tips No One Should Ignore

Fire Damage Prevention Means Fire Prevention Here is the simple truth about preventing fire damage: Fire damage prevention is almost completely about fire prevention. When a fire starts, it consumes and blights everything it touches or even gets near, extending tendrils of toxic smoke and soot to travel throughout your home or business and do[…] Read the full article »

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