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Top Five Causes of Home Fires and How to Avoid Them

Home is where we relax, unwind, and connect with family and friends. Tragically, it’s also where nearly a third of all fires begin. To keep your home and loved ones safe, educate yourself on the leading causes of fire and how to prevent them. Cooking Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires, and they’re responsible for[…] Read the full article »

How To Avoid, Fix Frozen Pipes This Winter

At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping Front Range families and Denver businesses recover from frozen pipes and water damage for nearly three decades. A frozen pipe that ruptures and floods your basement is a big and costly mess to clean. But don’t despair. We have some tips to help you manage the process, reduce cleanup[…] Read the full article »

How to Avoid Costly Premises Liability Lawsuits

If you’re a business owner, and especially if you’re a small business owner, one injury lawsuit can sink your whole business. According to Colorado statute, any landowner found negligent in the injury of another could be held liable for damages. And depending on the injury, damages can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical[…] Read the full article »

Inspection objections are common reasons buyers and sellers fall out of contract. The best way to avoid prolonged negotiations or a dissolved contract is to familiarize yourself with the inspection process and specific objections unique to Colorado. Colorado’s Inspection Process Explained Once a contract has been signed, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to have the home[…] Read the full article »

How To Safely Grow Marijuana Indoors

Recreational marijuana can’t be grown outdoors legally in Colorado, so people grow it indoors instead. Indoor grows require vast horticultural knowledge and many homeowners aren’t up to the task. They encounter common problems like airborne mold spores, electrical hazards, and jerry-rigged home modifications. Below, our restoration professionals discuss what you should be aware of to[…] Read the full article »

How to Protect Your Property from Wildfire

Colorado enjoys a diverse landscape of mountains, forests, and valleys. Summers are dry and winters are mild—ideal conditions for year-round activities. However, the same qualities that make Colorado a great place to live can also spur dangerous wildfires. According to the Colorado State Forest Service, homes and businesses nestled in the foothills, grasslands, and mountains[…] Read the full article »

How to Reduce Commercial Liability Exposure

Commercial property damage can affect more than just your business. What happens when your property damage affects the business next door? Or worse, a customer? Business liability insurance provides defense and coverage against claims for bodily injury and property damage. However, even the best policy can’t reduce commercial liability exposure. Below, the expert technicians at[…] Read the full article »

Do You Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

Whether you’re renting, buying a new home, or living in your dream house, insurance coverage is an important financial protection. But what’s really covered by your policy? And how do you know if you’ve got enough coverage? Professional Restoration has helped countless homeowners restore, repair, and rebuild their properties after a disaster. Below, our team[…] Read the full article »

What to Look for When Buying a Newly Built Home

Colorado home buyers considering buying a newly built home should know that defects are common, and those defects can pose immediate problems. Denver’s population growth, in particular, has even spurred legislators to overhaul the state’s construction-defects law. New doesn’t mean perfect. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a new home inspected by a[…] Read the full article »

Water damage in the kitchen gets expensive quickly, so we’re diving into ways homeowners can avoid serious damage. With a few preventative steps and a plan in place just in case, you can avoid major water damage in the kitchen. Prevention is Key When taking preventative measures to avoid water damage in your kitchen or home,[…] Read the full article »