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Basement Flood Damage: What Next?

Basement flood damage is one of the hardest disaster situations to mitigate. The work is hard, dirty and potentially hazardous. If you find yourself with basement flood damage, consider getting professional water damage restoration help. Regardless, we urge you to review the tips and safety reminders we’ve put together to reduce recovery costs and lower[…] Read the full article »

Flood Damage Repair Tips and Safety Reminders

Flood damage repair is tough work. After the arduous flood recovery journey that started with extracting the water from your home or business, progressed to drying and then gutting it, chances are you’re reaching the limits of your endurance and patience. Now you have to put it back together and try to reclaim your life[…] Read the full article »

Your Emergency Water Damage Guide

The water is rising fast. It’s in your home. What should you do now? First, call Professional Restoration to get help on the way. Then follow Professional Restoration’s water emergency action guidelines. Professional Restoration will clean up and repair your flooded or water-damaged property like new, but first there are some things you can do[…] Read the full article »

Dealing with the Aftermath of Flood Damage

Dealing with your home and belongings after a major flood can be overwhelming. If you follow some basic guidelines, the clean up process can be a little easier. Before you enter your home follow some safety tips, maintaining your health is the most important part of the recovery process.   Wait Until it is Safe[…] Read the full article »

You don’t have to reside in a disaster-prone area to have a professional restoration – disaster management and recovery plan in order. A fire or flood can happen at any time, so why not take steps to protect yourself, your family and your assets? While never pleasant, it’s best to Plan for the Worst and[…] Read the full article »

Natural Disaster Management

Why is it important to have a natural management plan? If you do not begin to restore your Colorado home or business within 48 hours of a natural disaster such as fire, flood or storm , your property will sustain more damage, which means higher repair costs and longer recovery times. You need to address[…] Read the full article »