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Colorado’s Most Notorious Natural Disasters

In 2017, Colorado was one of the top inbound states for new residence; we welcomed nearly 80,000 people, bringing Colorado’s total population to about 5.6 million. But it’s not all sunshine and snow-capped mountains out here. In fact, Colorado has endured several natural disasters including floods, hail storms, fires, and tornados. Natural disasters don’t attract[…] Read the full article »

Understanding Fire Legal Liability in Colorado

Running a business is hard, but not having the right insurance is one way things can get harder. Who pays for fire damage, if you share office space in a building? What happens if one of your employees starts a fire? Below, the fire-damage experts from Professional Restoration explain everything you need to know about[…] Read the full article »

What to Do During and After a Commercial Fire

Preparing for a home fire is a wise time investment, but how many of us prepare for a fire at work? Below, the fire damage repair experts from Professional Restoration explain what to do during and after a commercial fire. Safety Steps for Employers & Employees Contrary to popular belief, fire alarm and fire sprinkler[…] Read the full article »

Fire Damage Prevention Tips No One Should Ignore

Fire Damage Prevention Means Fire Prevention Here is the simple truth about preventing fire damage: Fire damage prevention is almost completely about fire prevention. When a fire starts, it consumes and blights everything it touches or even gets near, extending tendrils of toxic smoke and soot to travel throughout your home or business and do[…] Read the full article »