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How Much Does It Cost to Repair Fire Damage?

What isn’t burned or destroyed in a fire is often in need of serious repair. Fires often leave behind soot, smoke, and/or water damage. The types of damage you have will ultimately affect the cost of repair. Comparing the Cost of a DIY Cleanup vs. Hiring a Professional Things to note when considering whether to[…] Read the full article »

Top Five Causes of Home Fires and How to Avoid Them

Home is where we relax, unwind, and connect with family and friends. Tragically, it’s also where nearly a third of all fires begin. To keep your home and loved ones safe, educate yourself on the leading causes of fire and how to prevent them. Cooking Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires, and they’re responsible for[…] Read the full article »

Colorado’s Most Notorious Natural Disasters

In 2017, Colorado was one of the top inbound states for new residence; we welcomed nearly 80,000 people, bringing Colorado’s total population to about 5.6 million. But it’s not all sunshine and snow-capped mountains out here. In fact, Colorado has endured several natural disasters including floods, hail storms, fires, and tornados. Natural disasters don’t attract[…] Read the full article »

Understanding Fire Legal Liability in Colorado

Running a business is hard, but not having the right insurance is one way things can get harder. Who pays for fire damage, if you share office space in a building? What happens if one of your employees starts a fire? Below, the fire-damage experts from Professional Restoration explain everything you need to know about[…] Read the full article »

What to Do During and After a Commercial Fire

Preparing for a home fire is a wise time investment, but how many of us prepare for a fire at work? Below, the fire damage repair experts from Professional Restoration explain what to do during and after a commercial fire. Safety Steps for Employers & Employees Contrary to popular belief, fire alarm and fire sprinkler[…] Read the full article »

Fire Damage Prevention Tips No One Should Ignore

Fire Damage Prevention Means Fire Prevention Here is the simple truth about preventing fire damage: Fire damage prevention is almost completely about fire prevention. When a fire starts, it consumes and blights everything it touches or even gets near, extending tendrils of toxic smoke and soot to travel throughout your home or business and do[…] Read the full article »