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How Much Does Water Damage Repair Cost?

At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping Denver businesses and Front Range families repair water damage for nearly three decades. During that time, we’ve learned a lot about water damage, how much it costs, and how long it takes to fix. Here’s a summary of water damage repair costs; plus, when it’s okay to fix it[…] Read the full article »

Fixing Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

Water and wood floors don’t mix. If you’ve got standing water on wood floors, you’ll need to act quickly to avoid further damage and dangerous mold and mildew growth. Wood floors are rarely the same after significant water damage, but you can reduce repair costs with a few simple steps and a little elbow grease.[…] Read the full article »

Your Emergency Water Damage Guide

Are flood waters rising? You need help! Call Professional Restoration 24 hours a day, seven days a week for immediate relief. Call 303-922-4001 now to get expert technicians on their way! Next: follow Professional Restoration’s emergency water damage guide to mitigate damage until our technicians arrive. Safety First    Before you do anything, make sure[…] Read the full article »

Water damage in the kitchen gets expensive quickly, so we’re diving into ways homeowners can avoid serious damage. With a few preventative steps and a plan in place just in case, you can avoid major water damage in the kitchen. Prevention is Key When taking preventative measures to avoid water damage in your kitchen or home,[…] Read the full article »

The Water Damage Denver Faces in Coming Months

When it comes to water damage Denver faces more than its share of seasonal threats. Bouts of harsh cold winter weather can roll through the Front Range well into spring, bringing the threat of frozen water pipes that can burst and flood homes and businesses. Heavy snow creates a time bomb that can literally burst[…] Read the full article »

In Denver Water Damage Restoration Costs Climbing

Denver water damage restoration costs have steadily risen in recent years, corresponding to economic growth and other price pressures as property values have risen. That means that it’s more important than ever to take all reasonable precautions in protecting your home or business from costly, catastrophic water damage. Denver Water Damage Restoration Costs Rise With[…] Read the full article »

What You Should Know About Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage cleanup means a big project when you have any degree of incursion into your home or business. Here’s a rundown of safety and other considerations that our experienced flood damage restoration experts take into account in most flood recovery situations. Flood Damage Cleanup Means Toxic and Biological Waste We’re not kidding. Water that[…] Read the full article »

10 Steps to Follow When Dealing With Water Damage

What do I do if my home or building sustains water damage? Water damage can occur for many reasons, such as flooding from storms, or especially in Denver, frozen or ruptured pipes. Whatever the reason, you’ll have to overcome some real hurtles. You’re wondering, what should I do first? Here are some handy tips to[…] Read the full article »

During a Flood: How to Prepare and Respond

Do you know how to prepare and respond during a flood? For many disasters, prevention is the ideal solution to limiting damages and as such, many of our posts have been dedicated to these topics. Sometimes however, there may be instances when you don’t have much of a chance to prepare your home. This can[…] Read the full article »

What Do I Need to Know About Flood Insurance?

The first thing that anyone needs to know about flood insurance is that it is not included under regular homeowners or rental policies. You need to know the difference between both types of insurance. You also need to know how to determine your risks from flood damage to your home. Regular Insurance and Flood Insurance[…] Read the full article »