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Any disruption to a business is frustrating. Something as simple as a leak in a water cooler line can create havoc overnight, and flood your office space shutting down production the next morning.

When your office building has suffered damage from water, fire, sewer backup, mold, or trauma  call Professional Restoration, 24 hours a day to get your business back up as soon as possible. We bring in our certified team of technicians with a project manager, ready to start mitigating the damages immediately.

We have the appropriate equipment to ensure that you are back in business as soon as possible.

Computer equipment, furniture, and files that are exposed to water can be dried in our warehouse and stored safely during the restoration process.

If the files cannot leave the location due to confidentiality reasons, we can dry them on-site.

Our versatility to work with you goes beyond an 8 to 5 operation. If it is necessary, we can schedule work outside the normal business hours, including weekends to allow for more convenience, and the ability to still function in other areas of your business that may still be operable.

As a Green Risk Professional, we use EPA Certified Botanical Disinfectant Cleaning agents to eliminate bacteria, fungal (mold) growth, staph, and bacteria, which removes odor as well.

We are a licensed general contractor that can provide a full range of reconstruction services after any commercial damages.

 Equipment and Services Available: 

• Infrared Cameras and Moisture Inspections
• Location power generators
• High-speed water extractors
• Content removal, cleaning, restoration and storage
• Document Drying
• Electronic Recovery
• Dehumidification
Mold remediation
Structural restoration
• Carpet cleaning
• Sanitizing and deodorizing
• ETES dryers
• Structural and interior-wall drying
• Powerful air movers
• Commercial-grade dehumidifiers
• Odor-control technology

Whether it’s just a few hundred square feet, or thousands of square feet that has been compromised, we are ready to respond within the hour and take every precaution to protect items that are not affected, and restore the area that has sustained damage.

Every minute counts when it comes to business, hiring Professional Restoration will save time with the mitigation and structure repairs needed. Get your business back to work after an unexpected disaster, call in the Professionals.

Call Professional Restoration today! 303-922-4001


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