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The water is rising fast. It’s in your home. What should you do now?

First, call Professional Restoration to get help on the way. Then follow Professional Restoration’s water emergency action guidelines.

Professional Restoration will clean up and repair your flooded or water-damaged property like new, but first there are some things you can do to help. What you do before, during and after water damages your home really can protect it from the worst damage while also reducing the time and money necessary to get it fixed and to get your life back to normal.

Safety 1st, Always

This guide will help you keep your damage to a minimum and help you get started recovering immediately. Before you do any in an area that has water damage, please consider potential health and safety hazards that could be present.

Here are some hazards commonly associated with floods and water leakage:

  • Gas leaks
  • Electrical hazards
  • Biological and chemical pollutants in flood water and flood water residue
  • Mold and mold spores at potentially toxic levels
  • Structural weakening in building materials that have been saturated by water damage

These are only some of the hazards you can encounter in your flooded home. Always be sure to proceed carefully, keeping in mind these and other risks as you follow this guide.

Start Fighting Water Damage Immediately

When flooding strikes it’s easy to feel helpless. But doing something to get back to your normal life right away takes away the helpless feeling and makes it easier for the water damage restoration experts at Professional Restoration to restore your property quickly and easily.

Here is a Professional Restoration checklist to help you get started fighting the damage before help arrives:

  1. Find out where the water is coming from and stop it if you can safely do so.
  2. Turn off the main circuit breakers. Don’t use electrical equipment in wet areas.
  3. If safe, take your furniture to another room to avoid water staining.
  4. If safe, take your delicate belongings to a safe area.
  5. If safe, pick up or take out your curtains and anything else that touches the floor to avoid water damage to them.
  6. If dealing with a sewage leak DO NOT run fans, this can spread contamination.
  7. Air out area by opening your doors and windows.
  8. Remember you could be dealing with contaminated water so it’s always best to keep your hands clean after touching anything in the area and sanitize your tools after you’re done working there.

When your home or business is threatened by water call Professional Restoration day or night, 365 days per year to get help fast. Then follow Professional Restoration’s emergency water damage guide to get started restoring your home right away.


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