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For Fire and Smoke Damage Repair, count on Professional Restoration.  

After a home or business has been damaged by fire, the contaminants left behind in the soot, and the smell is overwhelming. Memories are charred, if left behind at all, and an emotional toll of what to do next is all consuming.

Let us help you through the fire and smoke damage cleanup. From securing the property area to cleaning up all that’s left and rebuilding your home and structures damaged, we do every inch of the work and make it right again.

fire damage to home before and after picYou need to feel certain that your belongings are taken care of. They’ll need to be cleaned and stored. You’ll want to know this is being done by a company that has a proven track record, and a commitment to your best interests.

We take pride in our A+ rating with the BBB, and that we are the approved fire and smoke damage contractor for many insurance and restoration networks to repair these type of insurance claims in Colorado.

We will keep in touch with you every step of the way. Our policy is to respond, recover, and restore. We take that seriously.

Professional Restoration has been helping home and business owners deal with disasters, like smoke and fire damage for the last 24 years in Colorado. We work hard to make things right when the worst happens.

Emergency Board-Up

fire damage reconstructionSecuring your building is key after fire damage leaves your home or business open to theft or injury. We provide board-up services, on-site power, and temporary shoring and fencing around your property to ensure the safety of others, as well as your things that are still inside.


We are proud to have worked hand in hand with the Red Cross. It’s our mission to teach people how to respond when facing a fire in their home. Here are a few tips on what to do in the case of a fire. Be sure to click below for more information from the Red Cross:

  • If your home is on fire, leave the building and do not go back in! Call 911.
  • If a door or door handle is warm or hot, find another way out. You should never open a door that is warm or hot.
  • Stay below the smoke by crawling on the floor.
  • Have a planned meeting place outside the home with your family members. Call for help from there.
  • If you aren’t able to get out due to smoke, heat, or fire, keep the doors closed.  Put a wet towel under the door and call 911. Wave a brightly colored item or a flashlight to call for help.

For many more helpful tips click here

When you need a company who cares about getting you back in your home after a fire loss, call on the Certified Restorer status of Professional Restoration to rebuild better days ahead.

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