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Hail damage and related exterior wind and water damage are as much a part of life in Denver as sunshine and blue skies. When the weather warms in the spring and as the the summer monsoon rolls in, heavy storms can pepper homes and businesses with bullet-like hail. And blasts of wind can shove water under and through building exteriors.

You might think there’s nothing you can do in the face of nature’s storm fury, but there are reasonable measures you can apply to your property that can prevent or reduce damage when storms strike.

Hail Damage Prevention

Start with your exterior roof. Inspect your roof for loose shingles or tiles and ensure that shingles, tiles, decking and other roofing materials are in good repair. Check to ensure that chimneys and roof vents are sealed where they extend above the roof line. Also make sure that flashing, gutters and other exterior roof features are securely fastened to the structure.

Next, inspect your roof interior. Look for signs of leaks and other problems in your attic, paying particular attention to areas where chimneys and vents extend through the roof line. Also look for potential problems where your roof is joined to the main structure, as well as any materials in poor repair. Consider adding hurricane straps or other reinforcing fasteners to protect your roof from lateral winds that can loosen it and enable windblown water to enter.

Now check out the rest of the structure. Consider installing storm shutters on windows. Keep materials on hand to temporarily seal windows that can be broken during hail storms, allowing damaging water to enter your home or business. Install weather seals on doors to prevent lateral winds from forcing driving rain through gaps and cracks.

While you’re at it, review your property insurance policy. Before the hail damage season gets under way, take time out to look over your property insurance policy to ensure adequate coverage for hail and other storm damage that could reasonably occur in your area. Also make sure your premiums are paid up to date.

And a word on safety. When strong storms strike, it’s time to hunker down until they pass. Don’t try to implement any exterior hail damage prevention measures during a storm. Stay inside, stay safe and deal with any damage after the storm has run its course.

Excellence in Exterior Hail and Storm Damage Repair

Professional Restoration is the right company to restore your home or business in the wake of hail or storm damage. Whether you just need roof repairs, or more significant reconstruction, we have the dedicated experts, technology and experience to get your property back to normal fast and do the job right. Call Professional Restoration for Excellence in Property Damage Repair.

Exterior Hail and Storm Damage Repair You Trust – Call Professional Restoration!


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