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At Professional Restoration we believe that people are our greatest asset. We value high energy individuals who have the ability to energize others. People who see an answer to every problem, versus those who see the problem in every answer, are the right fit for our company. We value team players and people who are more concerned with what’s right rather than who’s right.

Providing the highest level of customer service is the single most important aspect of our business. Therefore, we only hire individuals who have the mindset of doing what’s right, putting the customer first and treating everyone with respect.

The Job Coordinator position serves as the point of contact for our customers as well as for the staff from each of our internal departments. Job Coordinators play an integral role in our organization and are incredible multitaskers who are extremely professional and energetic. They follow production protocol diligently in order to create a positive and consistent experience for our customers, while simultaneously looking for ways to improve our processes and problem solve in an ever evolving environment.

The Job Coordinator is responsible for the successful coordination of the job cycle, from inception to completion. The individuals in this position work closely with every division of the business and their efforts greatly impact the overall success of the organization. The core function of this role is to oversee all aspects of the job and ensure the customer is receiving timely communication and exceptional service.

Job Duties:

  1. Completing initial contact with customer(s) by answering and/or returning phone calls. This includes gathering specific details about the job as given by the customer and/or their representative (i.e. insurance company, adjuster, program representative, etc.)
  2. Inputting new job into internal software program (following specified protocol) and assigning an Estimator and/or Project Manager.
  3. Dispatching/scheduling Estimator, Project Manager and/or Technician crews for initial site inspections, as well as throughout the entire project, following the job all the way through to completion.
  4. Working closely with the assigned Estimator/Project Manager to ensure the scope of work is understood by both internal staff and the customer. Also responsible for the successful hand off of the job to other departments for additional services as needed.
  5. Receiving and reviewing Work Orders from the Estimator/Project Manager in order to properly coordinate the scheduling of Technician crews, equipment, supplies and special instructions including documentation/paperwork requirements.
  6. Managing communication (including setting reasonable expectations) with customers and staff.
  7. Reviewing job status frequently throughout the day in order to:
    1. Update the customer (and/or the customer’s representative).
    2. Enter notes/activities and scan/upload documents into internal software program.
    3. Check the accuracy of completed work and equipment used against the Work Order details. Includes verifying that readings, samples, instructions and paperwork are handled as directed by the Project Manager.
    4. Review and approve job hours through clock-in & clock-out efforts generating job costs and payroll for Technicians.
  8. Serving as direct point of contact for the customer in order to answer questions about scheduling, as well as addressing any concerns, complaints, or customer service issues.

Ideal Attributes:

  1. Ability to maintain composure and professionalism in stressful situations.
  2. Aptitude for handling a high volume of tasks while prioritizing effectively.
  3. Skilled at proactively communicating directly with customers and colleagues.
  4. Excels at working quickly on time-sensitive tasks while diligently following protocol and focusing on detail accuracy.
  5. Focused on being a team player who encourages and supports others while leading with enthusiasm and integrity.
  6. Capable in bringing internal and external resources together to improve the overall customer experience.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Minimum of 3 years administrative experience coordinating multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.
  2. Able to work independently while maintaining a “team-player” attitude.
  3. Strong computer skills with proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite.
  4. Exceptional verbal & written communication skills, with a solid focus on customer care.
  5. Ability to learn quickly, meet deadlines, stay organized and prioritize effectively.
  6. Extraordinary attention to detail and focus on accuracy.
  7. Impressive professional etiquette displaying integrity, respect and thoughtfulness.

Compensation and Benefits:

This position offers a competitive wage (commensurate with experience). All full-time employees are eligible to participate in our 401k plan, health & dental benefits programs as well vacation time and paid company holidays. Please send resume with contact.

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