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Water Damage Restoration Is Costly

The average flood damage water restoration insurance claim in Colorado is nearly $37,000. Really.

We’ve seen major flooding events throughout the last couple years in metro Denver and surrounding areas. It’s more of When it happens, not IF it happens approach you must take. Plan now to protect your property from flood damage. 

Even if you think you live on high and dry, arid territory, you should do a little due diligence and ensure that you don’t live on a long-dormant flood plain. And if you do, maybe you should explore the water damage restoration property insurance resources we’ve pulled together for you.

Scroll down for links that help with understanding additional coverage to help in case of flood, and a great set of links to help you in your home or business know what to ask, how to ask, and who to ask.

National Flood Insurance Program Info

If you know you need flood insurance, start here. Information is logically organized and easy to navigate. Learn about insurance coverage for both your home and business, and get a fast primer on the in’s and out’s of property insurance, especially as it relates to water damage restoration.

Here’s a quick reference to some info:



Federal Emergency Management Agency Resources For Property Owners

This FEMA resource will overlap somewhat with the FloodSmart clearinghouse, but there are many FEMA-exclusive resources here that will enable you to dive as deeply into flood insurance and water damage restoration costs as you wish.

FEMA Flood Map

This robust platform enables you to enter an address or map coordinates and get detailed flood information for the area. You can customize a flood map encompassing your property or explore an interactive flood map for your area. A little time surfing this nifty tool can yield a lot of valuable information to help you assess your property’s flood and water damage risk.

Water Damage Restoration Help You Can Trust: Professional Restoration

Water damage restoration is daunting. But you don’t have to go it alone. Many companies call themselves “experts” however, they lack the education and level of Restoration Industry Association certification that is necessary to be trusted as they claim. Don’t get fooled by a good sales pitch, your home is your biggest investment to protect.

The owner of Professional Restoration is a Certified Restorer listed with the RIA, Restoration Industry Association. Did you know there are only 5 Certified Restorer’s in the entire state of Colorado? When it comes to being the experts in water damage restoration, you can trust us to tell it to you straight. 

Call Professional Restoration any time, day or night, and dedicated, experienced professional help will be on the way, ready to deliver excellence in property damage repair!



Federal Emergency Management Agency flood safety tips

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mold resources

U.S. National Library of Medicine mold health risks white paper

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